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Easy to implement systems and tools to immediately  streamline your interior design business for profit

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Trusted by Interior Designers around the world.

Interior Design Contract for Business Blueprint


  • Interior design or some combination of interior design with a showroom, architecture division, staging and/or general contracting
  • Quality in your work and client service is paramount
  • Using Studio Webware or Studio Designer
  • Growing quickly and know your current business infrastructure will not get you to the next level
  • Need to streamline and work more efficiently
  • Don't have time -just want to get the documents and training you need to move forward
  • Need to know who to hire and the next steps to grow your business
  • Don't want to have to create business documents and procedures, just want the business to run more smoothly


We are the most trusted source for business tools and systems for interior design firms worldwide.

  • Have the best contracts and business documents in the business at your fingertips
  • Grow your business much faster
  • Have the ability to handle larger projects with poise and polish
  • Hire and train new employees with confidence and ease
  • Increase your profit margin on each project
  • Reflect more poise and professionalism with your clients and vendors
  • Accelerate your growth curve by 3-5 years
  • Be running more efficiently in just a few weeks
  • Have ongoing personal access to Julia Molloy’s expertise for guidance and feedback
  • Express your brand more authentically and provide a signature experience for your clients
  • Get more referrals and attract better projects
  • Command higher fees and be worth every penny

These benefits are not just marketing jargon. This is the real deal!


Our mission is to empower interior designers and advance the business of design. We do this by facilitating the design firms’ ability to function at a higher level operationally and position themselves as a luxury provider.

  • Interior Design Business Forms


    ✓ New Employee Orientation Materials
    ✓ Standard Operating Procedures
    ✓ Design Process Streamlining
    ✓ Best Project Management and Workflow Techniques
    ✓ Ordering and Expediting Best Practices
     ✓ Invoicing and Accounting Protocol
     ✓ Reports and Metrics Guidance

  • Interior Design Business Operations Manuals


    ✓ Orientation Material
    ✓ Detailed Job Description
    ✓ Roles and Responsabilities
    ✓ Training Requirements and Checklist
    ✓ NDA and Non-Compete Agreements

  • Interior Design Business Executive Manuals


    ✓ Client Contracts
    ✓ Organizational Structure
    ✓ All Job Descriptions and Hiring Documents
    ✓ Workflow Process Chart
    ✓ Business Development Tools
     ✓ Leadership Development Tools
     ✓ Organizational Docs, Tools and Techniques
     ✓ Luxury Branding Guidance

  • Interior Design Business Training Support


    ✓ 8 hours of Training Videos
    ✓ 1-on-1 Personal Consultation with Julia Molloy
    ✓ Ongoing Monthly Q&A Sessions with Julia Molloy
    ✓ Personal guidance and care from Julia Molloy

Interior Design Business Blueprint Versions

Interior Design Coach with Julia Molloy

The Business Blueprint Activates Your Potential:

  • Feel the power of being incredibly professional and organized right now!
  • Experience a great sense of clarity, knowing how to run and grow your firm.
  • No more details falling through the cracks because you are too overwhelmed.
  • No more searching for or patching together documents and contracts from scratch.
  • No more wondering if you are doing things the best way.
  • No more sloppy hires and inadequate training for new team members.
  • No more frustration because your employees are underperforming and you cannot possibly give them any more guidance.
  • Feel the huge sense of relief of knowing you have all the processes and business documents you need.
  • No more feeling you are on your own without real support and expert help.
  • Gain the confidence of having Julia Molloy to talk to when making big decisions.

If you are experiencing growth pains and are trying get a handle on things so you can take advantage of all this business, you don’t have time to waste!

Get situated and just be done with the foundation building so you can focus on design and the client experience!

It doesn’t have to drag on for another year. All of the manuals and documents are customized with your name and logo. The manuals are comprehensive and beautifully printed. You receive all the digital files and they are easily customizable. Watch the process flow training videos with your team and start running your firm more efficiently immediately!

Trusted by Interior Designers around the world.

Loved By Interior Designers

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